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BEA Group?/del>s Tricor Services Selectsed Excel Technology To DevelopFor Advanced Share Registration System


[April 7, 2003 Hong Kong] Excel Technology International Holdings Limited [stock code: 8048] today announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary Excel Technology International (Hong Kong) Limited (?/span>Excel Technology?/span>) has entered into an agreement to develop the Share Registration System (?/span>SRS?/span>) for Tricor Services Limited (?/span>Tricor?/span>), a member of The Bank of East Asia (BEA) Group (the ?/ins>BEA Group?/ins>), and the largest provider of business, corporate and investor services in Hong Kong.


The new SRS is a multi-registrar system, which will support the  share registration business of all member registrars within the Tricor organization. SRS is an integrated system, developed with many advanced features including internet Internet access, workflow processing and imaging capability, supporting both front-office and back-office operations, ranging from share transfer to IPO processing.  In addition to supporting the current business model, the design of SRS also takes into account future expansion, such as the upcoming scripless model.


Mr. Alan Collins, Chief Executive of Tricor Dr. David K. P. Li, Chairman  Mr. XXXX, the XXXX of Tricor Services Limited, said: ?/span>Being the largest provider of business, corporate and investors services in Hong Kong, Tricor is dedicated to providing e investors, shareholders of our client companies, with the highest bestquality of investor services. Our corporate services supportfacilitate the establishment by international multinational  and local clients of business entities in Hong Kong ,and Greater China, enabling them to manage efficiently in the areas of business commencement, corporate governance and compliance and all premier jurisdictions around the world within an efficient time frame. Our expertise professional services allowshelp release ourallow clients?/ins> time and efforts to be released from inmanaging non-core function bby o tooutsourcing such operations to us, and hence, and enables them  to concentratefocus on on the development of concentrate on their core businesses.  With As thethe scripless model soon to be introducedwill soon be in placannounced, we are pleased to have commissioned Excel as our trusted technology provider, to implement this sophisticated system with maximum efficiency, adaptability and security, to support our business strategy and to better serve our clients and their its shareholders.?/span>


Ms. Peggy Chan, Chairman & CEO of Excel Technology said, ?/span>It has always been Excel?/span>s desire to use its solid business experience and domain knowledge to develop reliable and innovative IT solutions to meet our client?/span>s business needs and to support their growth.  Today, we are very happy to team up with Tricor, a professional service provider which who fully understandss the market trend, and equips itself with the right solutions to deliver even more efficient, quality and value-added services to itstheir clients.?/span>