December 10, 2001


Immediate Release



Excel / i21 Delivered The "CCASS/3 And Business Continuity" Seminar




As information systems become an integral part of business operations today for businesses like securities trading, the continuous operation of the systems under even disastrous situations is now a key operational requirement. Excel and i21, together with its partners Software Vision and delivered a seminar covering the impacts of HKEx's CCASS/3 system, how to sustain business continuity and disaster recovery of information systems during disastrous situations. The seminar was held on December 7, 2001.


In the seminar, impacts of Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS/3) implementation by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing was highlighted by Excel to the delegates from the securities sector. It was then followed by a straight-through-process demonstration of i21's iStock21 application during the first section of the seminar. The second part of the seminar was focused on the topics of "Business Continuity -- knowing what your resources and service dependencies are" presented by Software Vision, and the presentation of "Facilities Management of a Well Established Data Centre", delivered by


The seminar also highlighted the importance of an effective disaster recovery planning and solution that can enable business continuity and sustain critical operations under disastrous situations. A tour visit to data center was offered at the end of the seminar. The seminar was concluded with success by a great arrival of delegates and response from the audiences.