Our School

We employ a vigorous program to train our new hires. This training program was formalized into the Excel School of Banking and Technology since 2006. Under the School, we trained 30 to 50 new staff each year for both internal and our clients use and provide continuous education to our existing staff.

The training program consists of two parts:

  • 2-month classroom and internet-based training, to be integrated with,
  • 1-year work placement program after the students passed the Level 1 Certification of the class room training. The work placement program gives the trainees an opportunity to participate in real life banking and IT environment.

The School employs ex-bankers and works with our banking clients to develop a suite of banking curriculum and uses the Excel software to give the trainees practical experience .

Upon graduation and passing the Level 2 Certification by the School, the qualified trainees would have two options to further their career development: either accept employment to Excel’s Software Development Centers; or accept employment to Excel’s banking clients.